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Tanavob General Contractor is a private organization founded in 1987. We provide a variety of contracting services, including Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning, Financing and supporting managerial solutions. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of highly qualified professionals and persistence on our principles which are Expertise and Dedication, guarantee the success and improvement of the company. Our human capital consists of managerial skills, mental and emotional competencies, functional expertise, communication, decision making and problem solving capabilities. One of the most important characteristics about Tanavob culture is morality. This is one of the founders values which have remained vital over the years of operation. Utilizing morality and other values are one of the main HR selection criterions that will be observed during the recruitment process in our company. The other important criterion is having a hand-on experience especially in construction sites and project life-cycles. We are searching for fast learner team-mates who are committed and ambitious.

Company History

We execute projects in the energy, petrochemical, mining and related industries, in accordance with the requirements of industry and stakeholders, and by relying on the expertise, experience and commitment, we put all efforts to achieve customer satisfaction. This is our contribution to sustainable development.

We believe that all the stakeholders of a project, such as a whole body through cooperation will be able to provide agile responses to the ever- changing environment. We’re positive and pragmatist, who achieve mutual trust and best results through transparency and honesty.

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